LCD Door Nameplate Eco Series

Digital LCD Door Nameplates;

– Monitors (HDMI, VGA input) utilized via internal media player.

– Network Upload Displays, utilized via server installed in local area network.

– Cloud Upload Displays, utilized via cloud software.

Metal unit with acrylic crystal glass protection, mounting with four pins, screw lock system…


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LCD Door Nameplate Eco Series; 7″ – 10″

Fullscreen video, picture images are played back to back and can be used as a door name. Video/picture can be uploaded to the internal storage of the screen, as well as the micro SD card and automatically starts and plays on repeat when the power is turned on.

Technical Specifications
Model DS07-E DS10-E
Display Size 7” LED 10” LED
Resolution 1024 x 600
Brightness (cd/m²) 220 nit 250 nit
Viewing Angle 162º / 162º
Active Display Area 154 x 86 mm 224 x 126  mm
Enclosure 3D Printed Plastic Case – Stainless Metal Coating
Dimensions 184 x 114 x 16 mm 262 x 158 x 18 mm
Media Player Internal Media Player
Play Mode Fullscreen Mpg4 Video, Jpg Picture
Storage 100MB Internal Storage / MicroSD Card
Power Supply 5V / 2A DC
Power Consumption 6 W 8 W
Speaker 1 W Speaker
Warranty 2 Years
Package Included Strap-Lock pins, Assembly Diagram, Remote, 5V/2A Adapter
Built-in Montage Built-in mounting apparatus

LCD Door Nameplates are also produced in different screen sizes.


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