Slide Indoor LCD Ad
These are the screens where you can show Banners,
Images, Videos, Marquee on full or divisible screens,
and which you can use for advertising and orientation
purposes in front of stores, hotels, restaurants.

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Slide Outdoor LCD
Ad Displays
Outdoor advertising displays that are resistant to
outdoor conditions, available in single or double-sided
models. These screens can be updated via USB as well
as through network or internet connections.
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Outdoor LCD Ad Displays
Outdoor displays are advertising screens that we produce as single or double sided, resistant to outdoor conditions. The screens can be updated via USB download, they can also be updated via network or internet.
Elevator Ad Displays
These models of advertising information screens are used inside elevators; they are monitors with HDMI input, which can be updated via USB memory or network. Generally preferred USB loading screens have full-screen video, picture playback, digital clock, Mp3 playback while slide show, 2W speaker, marquee feature, 4 mm glass protected metal case, screw locking system.