About Us

About us;

Microkey Digital Signage

Founded in 1990 to operate in the field of electronics and computer technologies, Microkey has been active in computer systems, uninterruptible power supplies, paging systems, and has been working on Digital Signage systems since 2004.

Microkey; manufactures displays, media players, etc. in the digital signage industry and provides consultancy about hardware and software, along with project design, production, sales and technical services.

The development of LCD screen technologies, the increase in price advantages, and the easy transmission of promotional visual media content such as videos, pictures, animations to endpoints with 4.5G/Internet/Network technologies ensure that visual communication is effective in promotions.

Microkey; carefully selects the system, which consists of horizontal-vertical LCD screens of different sizes and media players with different features, in line with customer requirements, and carries out turnkey Digital Signage Systems (Digital Signage) projects.