Elevator Behind Mirror LCD Displays

Elevator behind mirror displays are placed between the mirror and the elevator façade. Thus, it is not necessary to cut and strengthen the elevator side panels. The mirror is mounted with a special hanger without bonding with the glass. It can be easily attached and removed when necessary. Thickness is only 20mm(!) up to 27″ size.

Alternative models based on Upload method;
–  LCD Monitors (HDMI Input, Media Player)
–  USB Upload LCD Displays
–  Network Upload LCD Displays
–  Cloud LCD Displays


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Elevator Behind Mirror LCD Displays;

Elevator behind mirror displays are screens that are produced up to 27” and 2cm thick. They are mounted behind the mirror without cutting the cabinet.

With HDMI Input Displays; can be used with any media player or miniPC.

With USB Uploaded Displays; Fullscreen content including video, picture playback, media upload via USB, automatic switching on and off at certain time intervals, digital clock functions with remote control.

With Network Uploaded Displays; Full or divisible screen with video, picture gallery, news, weather report, exchange rates, marquee, marquee, digital clock functions. (A healthy wired/wireless network connection required within the elevator cage)

Technical Specifications
Model ALE185Aa ALE215Aa ALE240Aa ALE270Aa ALE320Aa
Display Size 18,5” LED 21,5” LED 24” LED 27” LED 32” LED
Resolution 1366 x 768 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
Brightness (cd/m²) 500 nit 500 nit 550 nit 350 nit 400 nit
Viewing Angle 178º / 178º
Active Area (mm) 410 x 230 470 x 265 534 x 300 600 x 340 740 x 390
Enclosure Black Oven Painted Metal Casing
Dimensions (mm) 435 x 360 x 20 540 x 400 x 20 584 x 462 x 20 662 x 500 x 20 780 x 640 x 40
Power Supply 12VDC/220 V 220VAC
Power Consumption 18 W 24 W 26 W 28 W 36W
Input HDMI
Media Player HDMI Monitor / XWH Internal Media Player / Network Media Player / IPTV Box
Storage 8 GB Internal Storage (Expandable)
Play Mode Fullscreen Video, Picture, Mp3 Audio, Marquee, Digital Clock
Speaker 2W



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