Elevator Interior Mirrored Display


The elevator mirror screens are designed and manufactured depending to our customer’s requirements.

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Elevator Interior Mirrored Displays;

are mirror-backed elevator displays that are produced on order in given sizes. Besides the general applications of 18.5″ and 21.5″ screens, screens can be mounted up to 75″ depending on the size of the elevator. The thickness of the screen with the mirror is 18.5″ for screens ranging from 18″ to 27″. If there is a mirror in the elevator, it must be replaced.

There are options depending on the method of loading content on the screen.

  • HDMI input monitors: These are screens with HDMI input that can transfer images from an external source.
  • USB Loading Screens: These are screens that allow you to upload media files via USB, show videos, pictures, slideshows, and scrolling text.
  • Managed Screens via Local Network Connection: These are screens that can be managed via software through wired/wireless network connections. You can divide screens, display videos, pictures, HTML web pages, and scrolling text. (If a reliable wireless network connection cannot be established within the elevator, a wired network connection must be preferred.)
  • Screens managed over the internet: These are screens managed through a server located in the center in projects with a high number of elevator screens. (This requires an infrastructure investment that extends the internet connection to the elevators.)


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