Special Design Indoor Advertising Displays

Custom designed chrome or gold stainless, single/double sided screens with a reflective mirror feature are produced upon order. Delivery time is about 3 weeks.

–  LCD Monitors (HDMI input, a single media player connection)
–  USB Upload LCD Displays
–  Network Upload LCD Displays
–  Cloud Software LCD Displays

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Custom Design LCD Ad Displays;

Produced as a chrome or gold stainless metal case with 4mm tempered reflective mirror glass protection on the front. It has single or double sided options. The total thickness of single and double sided screens is 7 cm.

Technical Specifications
Model ePL4345-S ePL5545-S ePL6550-S
Dimensions 43” 55” 65”
Panel Brand Industrial LED Panel
Resolution 2160 x 3840 UHD
Brightness 500 cd/m² 800 cd/m² 500 cd/m²
Response Time 5 ms 5 ms 8 ms
Active Area 53 x 94 cm 68 x 121 cm 80 x 143 cm
Dimensions 68 x 200 x 7 cm 82 x 200 x 7 cm 100 x 221 x 7 cm
Protective Glass 4 mm Tempered Reflective Mirrored Glass
Enclosure Chrome or Gold Stainless Metal Casing
Cooling System Internal Air Cooled
Power Consumption 120 W 220 W 280 W
Weight 58 Kg 74 Kg 99 Kg
Speaker 2 x 5 W Speakers
Working Temperature 0…+40
Warranty 2 Years
Media Player Internal Media Player
Storage 8GB Internal Flash Card
Media Player USB Upload/ Network Upload/ Cloud
Tuned Sound System Sound System with Motion Sensor
Double Sides Available


Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 70 × 50 × 200 cm


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